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Kurt Hummel in Performances:

↳ Proud Mary

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Kurt Hummel: Crowd Me With Love

Created for Glee Hiatus Challenge Day 24: Favourite Season 4 Male Solo

This performance was perfection. Chris Colfer and Kurt Hummel at their truly magnificent best.

And while I have nothing to fault from the actual performance, I thought that the audience shots could use some tweaking.

After all, you cannot tell me that he did not cross his mind at least once during this song…

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honestly, at the moment there’s not an awful lot we can do. (with no announcements of a third series we can only assume at the moment that it’s not going ahead, or that there’s a struggle what with the channel it premiers on being moved to online only)

but here are some things that won’t hurt:

➨ there’s this petition

➨ you can keep checking on the program page on the bbc website to see if it’s there to watch again (views are good to show them we love it)

➨ you can buy the dvds here (again this shows them you love it)

➨ watch the show online if these things are not viable, and then make tumblr posts/tweets/art/fics/edits/gifs/tell your friends about it.

➨ the hashtag #saveintheflesh is used widely on tumblr and twitter and you can tag bbcthree (with the @ function) on your posts to show them you love the show. also sunday nights are at around 10PM GMT are when the #saveintheflesh campaign really kicks off, so get involved! 

as before, add anything i’ve missed!

US fans should watch ITF on BBC America On Demand, Amazon Streaming, or iTunes (or buy the DVDs). When new fans in countries where the show is readily available watch on Youtube or unofficial streaming sites, the views are not counted, and that will hurt the chances of the show being renewed. It may have already, tbh.

(Singling out the USA because I’m American and know viewing options here — plus I get the impression that a lot of new US fans don’t realize that ITF has been broadcast on American television and is not a ‘hard to find’ import where there’s no choice but to watch on youtube or something.)

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Kieren: There’s nothing for me here.
Simon: There’s your family. There’s Amy. There’s me.

This is another thing I love about this show. It gives you the whole range of reactions to a person’s mental illness and to whatever drastic actions they might take to try to stop hurting.

Amy’s reaction is one of sympathy, but it’s a confused sympathy, a “why would anyone want to die? How could anyone hurt that much?” accompanying the hug. She feels bad for him but she doesn’t entirely understand.

Conversely you have Rick, whose immediate reaction is anger. Not at Kieren specifically, but at the circumstances and at everything Kieren threw away at his death. Rage that his own death could make Kieren feel so trapped he had to die, that not even the prospect of getting away to art school was enough to save him. Rage that it was probably Roarton’s fault, and his father’s fault, and probably rage that he wasn’t able to help Kieren.

I think Sue is really interesting. Her story tells him that she understands suicidal thoughts and she understands that it hurts and he feels hopeless. But at the same time I think she doesn’t quite understand that it’s the treatment of the town as much as Kieren’s own anxiety and depression that’s hurting him. He feels that everyone hates him and wants him gone and has no idea how to stop or change that. I think she gets that he hurts but doesn’t entirely get why. And Sue’s reaction is so calm and understanding. She actively tries to show that she understands that he’s hurting and offers help. Amy and Rick react for themselves because they don’t understand and don’t know what to do or say to help. Sue reacts for Kieren.

And then there’s Simon, who doesn’t offer help. He doesn’t get angry or sad or try to tell Kieren what to do or try to fix things that might not be able to be fixed. He simply offers empathy and understanding. He knows what it’s like, and I think that’s something that Kieren needed.

I think, in a town where he had been the outcast since he was a kid, but had enough of a history with the others in the town (unlike Amy), he was unable to do what Amy did and be open for the simplicity and freedom of it. He was still feeling trapped, and still feeling depressed, and still feeling like nobody understood why he felt so awful. And the Simon comes along and while he’s a little more like Amy in regards to his PDS condition, he understands at least how Kieren is feeling and how he was feeling when he died. He doesn’t have to give Kieren reassurances or placations after his monologue, because he knows that it’s not always what is needed. Just telling his own story is enough.

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I thought this meme was perfect for Gallavich so I made it | inspired by [x]


I thought this meme was perfect for Gallavich so I made it | inspired by [x]

When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims.









via The Huffington Post.

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